Creepy forest

The tale of The Woman in Green is one that has grown to folklore proportions since it was first heard back in 1887. Scholars believe the tale is based on several disappearances that happened between the years 1880 and 1886. During the six year span, 36 men, women and children went missing. A total of 21 children were among that number.

The story goes that the first of these missing persons was a young boy. He was playing with friends during a winter's snow when a woman dressed in green led him away into the forest. The tale goes on to say that she fed him, made sure he was warm, then slit his throat. The story is unclear as to her motives. The boy was found months later in a well about a mile from the edge of the Telemark Forest - drained of blood and missing organs.

Townspeople hunted for this mysterious woman, but she was never found. The murder/kidnappings went on for six years, then stopped as suddenly as they started.

Some followers of the tale say that the six murders per year over six years had some satanic undertone.

The song "As I walked Out One Holiday" was sung to children as a warning.

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