The Petersons own Peterson Farm , the largest hog farm in the state. The family has been raising hogs in Maundbury before it's beginnings. They are also famous for other reasons.

1797 - Olaf Peterson is rumored to have kidnapped a young woman from a neighboring town. When an investigation happened. She was found, but insisted that she had left willingly.

1817 - Jon Peterson was spotted numerous times wandering the main street of Maundbury, covered in blood. The family explained that he would have "fits" and wander away from the butcher house.

1838 - The Petersons open their own smoke house. Four workers disappeared from the smoke house during the first year. Micah Peterson thought that the men had left because they had been slaves that escaped from the South.

1862 to 1864 - Almost all the Peterson sons are killed in the Civil War. Robert Peterson is the only one left to carry on the family name.

1874 - Rhonda Peterson married Chase Armitage. The marriage was not viewed favorably. Four years later Chase was killed by Rhonda. She never made it to trial. She fell into one of the pig holding pens and was trampled to death.

1901 - William Peterson is caught in New York City assaulting a prostitute. He returns to Maundbury after serving his time. Four women disappear, he is considered a suspect, but never formally charged.

1935 - Cathy Page disappears from the grade school. She was last seen walking to the Peterson Farm with Harold Peterson. Three workers in the smoke house also saw her. Lack of evidence stopped any investigation.

1946 - The smokehouse is closed. It is a surprise to the town. The smokehouse had been a major employer in the town.

1950 - Colin Peterson is arrested by Chief William Eli Lloyd for assault and battery. Colin knocked four of Lloyd's teeth out in the the struggle. Lloyd used his truncheon to subdue Colin. The Peterson family, never filed a complaint against the police chief. Colin said later, "They met their match."

1964 - Valerie Peterson was a nurse at Cartwright General . She was found guilty of killing 15 children and 9 adults under her care. She currently resides in the State Prison. She has to be under constant solitary confinement. The general population of the prison do not want to be around her.