Cecil and Allie Owens

Cecil and Allie Owens disappeared June 8, 1924 from the forest around Ostergard Lake . The boys and their older sister, Rachel Owens, left the family farm early that morning "full of life and smiles," as reported by their mother, Mrs. Catherine Owens. Near dusk on the same day Rachel was found wandering Main Street. Burrs and twigs littered her matted hair and her arms and legs were covered in scratches. Several women, one rumored to be Maribell Tompkins, fainted upon seeing Rachel's condition.

The brothers were never found and Rachel was unable to recall any of the days events.

It was believed until 1960 that the boys had drown in Ostergard Lake, but Judith Owens-Hyde (Rachel's daughter) had the lake searched in hopes of putting the mystery to rest. Unfortunately, the remains were not found.