'The Old Taylor House'
Montréal, sept. 2009. Le 4765, boul. Gouin Est, depuis ave. Éthier.

The Taylor Family have been proud residents of Maundbury Township since it's founding, but they have seen a history of violence and hardship going back to the Revolutionary War. It seems that every generation lost it's first born sons to war or disease, and now with the apparent death of Samuel Taylor in Vietnam over two years ago, the last Taylor son is gone and his parents died of cancer and sadness in the brief time since then. The house has been boarded up by friends of the family and the estate is in a legal quagmire with the town.

The Old Taylor House has quickly become a local legend among school children. They noticed how the adults turned away from it or walked to avoid it's prescence. They knew that it had claimed the lives of every boy that ever left there, stories that grow in the retelling. Now they dare each other to try and peak into the house, or see if anyone is brave enough to sneak in and stay the night. But so far none have tried.


The house was built after the War of 1812 when the previous, larger mansion and better estates of The Taylors had been destroyed by a mysterious fire shortly after they had recieved news of the death of Captain John Taylor at the Battle of New Orleans.

The family has seen a slow but steady decline since then.