The oldest, continuously run inn in Maundbury. Over the years it has been a staple of the town. First built in 1780, the Mermaid catered to sailors that worked on the docks. During bad storms it became the gathering place for families of the sailors out to sea. During the Civil War it was a recruiting station for the Union.

One odd thing about the inn are the owners. For all the centuries it has been open, the owners have not been seen many times in Maundbury.

The inn was built by Piotr Popov. Records indicate he had come to Maundbury to work on the new docks, but had become too ill on his voyage from Russia. He built the inn and hired many locals to run it. Piotr was not seen much after the inn had been built.

The next owner bought the inn in 1845. Pierce Chaplin turned out to be a reclusive as Popov. When the inn's staff were asked about his absences. They would explain that he had been traumatized during the Winnebago War.

In 1901 the inn was bought by a Peter Priest. During Prohibition Mr. Priest did make an effort to keep a public face. But when the Inn was raided by federal authorities. Mr. Priest became a recluse like the previous owners.

In 1956, the latest owner surfaced, Charles Preston. He relays his wishes to his workers through the inn's manager. No one has ever seen him.

Other rumors about the Inn involve the disappearance of many travelers. These legends and rumors only fuel the inn's popularity. There has never been an official investigation. Most of the rumors can be traced to Emily Chase , a former waitress and hostess at the inn.