Maundbury Wiki

For three nights in 1953, no one in Maundbury got any sleep.

The occurrence began the night of July 7, 1953 at sundown. It had been a normal day, nice weather, nothing indicated that there was anything wrong.

At sundown a noise started. It had been described as if someone was grinding metal. A loud low repetitive noise. The constant hum was loud enough that people had to shout to each other to be heard. Calls came into the police station all over the town. There didn't seem to be any place the sound was the loudest, pointing to a source.

At sunrise the noise stopped. Residents reported that their animals seemed upset. The all the pigs at Peterson Farm , all 1000 head were laying down an refused to move. The town gossiped about the strange night, but no one had an explanation of what had gone on.

That night the noise began. Groups of Maundbury citizens tried to find the source. The noise stopped at the beach and a mile outside the town. Many residents parked their cars outside of town for some rest.

July 9th, Chief William Eli Lloyd called the air force for any explanation. He said they were no help. Three universitys were called, none of them were of any help.

That night the noise began again. This time another sound echoed with the grinding. One resident described it as a pounding of metal. A few of the local at Bar and Billiards joked that God was making a hotrod. An hour before sunrise, the noise changed to a pulsating sound, that raised in pitch. At sunrise the noise stopped.

The next night everyone was on edge, they waited for the noise to start again. It never has.

thumb|left|300px|This is NOT the grinding noise. But it has happened in other places. This is a similar sound.