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Telemark Forest is a large forest on the outskirts of Muandbury. It was named for the Telemark Farm that was burned to the ground in 1791. Any attempts to clear and develop the forest have ended badly.

1813 - The Grunewald family bought the site of the previous farm. After many attempts at building their own, they moved into town. Niklas Grunewald complained of building supplies being destroyed. All the horses had disappeared. Some were found wandering around the shoreline. A few were found partially eaten.

1867 - Damien Washington , a freed slave, settled a small section of the forest. His cabin did not face the same destruction as the rest. Damien claimed he "made friends with the big guys in the back." When Damien died in 1891, after his burial, his home was destroyed. It looked as if a strong wind had blown it over.

1892 - The Chrisfield family bought most of the forest to develop into housing for their workers. After many starts, with machinery sabotaged, workers dying, and one report of the work horses being pulled into a ravine by a large creature, Brandon Chrisfield spent a night to see who was behind the attacks. He returned the next day, visibly shaken. He canceled any more attempts to develop the woods.

1895 - Arborgaunt Weald was built on the western edge of the forest. It met the same fate as many of the former homesteads. Yet, the home still stands.

1910 - Maine Paper bought the woods to harvest. Three months into the harvesting, only two loads of cut wood had made it back to Maine. Olaf Karlsen, one of the companies supervisors, was sent to investigate. He spent three days talking to workers and looking at the damage the equipment. He called off the harvest. Officially he said the cost was too high. Unofficially he was quoted as saying, "There are things in there that only are afraid of the old gods. They don't like us and us messing with their woods. I can't lose any more men."

1950 - Four teenagers, Mary Brown, Anna Miller, Steven Andrews, and Nathan Godfry , went camping deep in the forest. The next morning Nathan was the only one to return. Do to his rambling tale of giants and faceless creatures, he was taken to St. Mary's Home . He still resides there. The other three were never found.

1966 - Abraham Jones "Starbright" bought a large section of the forest. He has built the Commune . Except for the disappearance and reappearance of Alice Jaggart , no other strange events have been recorded. Although members of the Commune have been seen throwing a side of beef into the woods once in a while.

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