Roger "Coop" Cooper (b. 6/15/1942) is a long time resident of Maundbury. He is famous for one incident in September 19, 1961.

Coop left Bar and Billiards around 10pm that night. He drove his car along the coast road until he was out of the city limits. There he claims his car stalled near Telemark Forest. Coop opened the hood of his car to check the engine. While he worked, he heard a buzzing.

"It sounded like a transformer," he stated in an interview with Maundbury Testament (November 12, 1961). "I thought one of the power lines were about to snap, that's why I raised my head."

He claims that seven, little gray men surrounded his vehicle. One came up to him and place a three finger hand on Coop's arm.

"I couldn't do anything. These little guys had me frightened." That statement has puzzled people that know Coop. He had been in trouble with the law a couple of times prior for assault. Many of his friends claim it took a lot to frighten Coop.

"The one that touched me pointed to the forest. I could see bright lights inside. A few of the lights changed colors." Coop recounted the story.

He was taken to the beings ship. A saucer shaped craft. When he refused to walk up the gang plank, one of the beings showed Coop a thin metal rod. "It looked like a car antenna, but i knew it wasn't. That little guy held it like I would hold a knife in a fight."

Coop went into the craft. He cannot remember what happened on the ship. His next memory was him sitting in his car, with the radio on as the sun rose on September 20th.

He did not tell anyone the story until the end of October at the Maudbury Historical Museum . He had taken his cousin to the Halloween party. While there he recounted the story to some of this friends. A few weeks later the interview with the Maundbury Testament appeared.

The public ridicule made Coop almost a recluse in his home. Although his friends maintain there was no way he could have made up the events. The people in the town still view him with distrust.