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Robert Peterson (b. 1855) was too young to serve in the Civil War. Over the course the of war, his six older brothers were all killed. His mother, Molly began to shelter Robert, after the death of his father in 1862. As the war went on, Robert was seen less and less outside of the family's farm. His three sisters had not received the same treatment.

In 1870, Robert finally appeared to the rest of Maundbury. He ran to St. Mary's Home . The nuns treated his wounds, which looked as if he had been beaten regularly. He stayed at St. Mary's, even with his mother protests and threats of legal action.

July 14, 1872, he returned to his home. Two days later, his mother is found dead. There was an inquiry, but the records have been lost. Margaret Pembroke's diary has this entry: "My brother Arthur and my father were first to discover the body. Molly's body was in a horrible state. The men agreed that Robert had finally had enough of his mother's madness. She had tried to keep him from leaving her, not realizing that her actions were making a monster."

In 1876, Robert married, Sally Mansfield . By all accounts it looked to be a happy marriage. They had seven boys; Robert Jr., John, James, George, Charles, Frank, and Joseph. After Robert Jr. and George died due to small pox, Joseph disappeared. Around the same time, baby cries were heard at Amhearst Terrace.

August 3, 1925 Robert passed away. His last words were "Sorry, Joseph."