Eyes Without A Face 048

Patient 386-725 post face clawing incident

PATIENT 386-725

Patient 386-725 was found on October 4th, 1960. She was wandering through town muttering to herself. An evaluation on the scene showed that she was in extreme shock. She was brought to Cartwright General and treated for smoke inhalation and dehydration.

Three days later, she was transferred to the psychiatric ward at the hospital.

Dr. Harold Crane spoke with the patient.

Crane “Do you remember who you are? Your name?”

Patient 386-725''' “No.”

Crane “What was the last thing you recall?”

Patient 386-725 “Dark.”

Crane “You’re in the dark?”

Patient 386-725 “So dark.”

Crane “Did someone hurt you? Were you around fire?”

Patient 386-725 “My face. Dark. I can’t see my face.”

Crane “You’re going to be ok. I just need to know—“

Patient 386-725 “MY FACE!”

Patient 386-725 proceeded to tear at her face. She screamed about it being covered in shadows. Three orderly’s were needed to control the patient.

Patient 386-725 was placed in glove restraints and was kept in one of the hospitals padded cells.

Dr. Hector Crane spoke with her seventeen more times. Each time the same result was reached. Patient 386-725 was assured that she was being followed, that her face was covered in a mask of evil shadows and that she was going to be taken back to someplace horrid. When Dr. Crane asked why she was being selected for this, the patient said that she had to pay. When asked about what she was paying for, she said nothing.


Therapy showed that the patient was a very talented artist. She drew and painted the same thing over and over, however. A series of dark figures in among the trees in a dark forest. When asked about the figures, she said nothing.

125 days after being transferred to the psychiatric ward, the patient cleared, removed from the danger list and was much more lucid than she ever had been.

175 days later, she was taken off the red list and given a regular room.

178 days later, she was found dead in her room. There was no apparent cause of death. The patient simply died.

Patient 386-725 is still listed as a "Jane Doe".