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Mary Anne Liposki - 1867

Mary Anne Liposki

Sole survivor of the Liposki Family Slaying of 1867, Mary Anne Liposki managed to avoid the fate of her mother, father, and three sisters when their maid of seven years – Finnish immigrant Eija Berglund – brutally attacked them with a kitchen knife as they slept.

Liposki is pictured here with an illustration she created about the event.

Liposki said that when Berglund entered the room she and her sister shared, she attacked her sister first thus giving her time to spring from their bed and to the safety she thought she’d find with her parents, only to find both of them ferociously decimated. Liposki ran from the family home with Berglund at her heels. The groundskeeper – Jeremiah Thomas – struck Berglund with a shovel. The wound was fatal.

“She didn’t have a face,” Liposki told police. “Her face was shadows. Just darkness.”

Obviously distraught over the events of that eve in 1867, her testimony to what happened that evening was suspect.