Left: Maribell Tompkins Right: Joyce O'Brian

Joyce O'Brian (b. 1918) became one of two people that Maribell Tompkins would allow into her home when she became a hermit. Joyce was hired after the death of Donald Tompkins. Maribell went down to the St. Mary's Home and picked Joyce out of a group of young women looking to be hired as domestic help.

She came to the Chrisfield Manor in 1936. The other staff noted how Maribell seem to dote on the new maid, almost treating her as a daughter. When the rest of the staff was fired in 1941, many said Joyce stayed because she was not allowed to leave.

During the Blizzard of 1945, Joyce had been sent out by Maribell for supplies, the storm became too strong for her to return and she stayed with Dr. Lewis until the storm passed. They returned to the mansion together. Dr. Lewis found Maribell's body.

Joyce now lives in a small house along Poe Terrance. She refuses to give interviews or discuss the final years of Maribell Tompkins.