Greyhaven Port Hunting Party of 1944

In the fall of 1944, Robert Mills Hathorn organized his usual hunting party. These parties usually spanned several days and contained more drinking and storytelling than actual hunting.

The Fall 1944 trip was to be held on the grounds of Romlain Green, but events in the adjacent town forced the party to be moved to Greyhaven Port.

The men disappeared into the woods to the north of the port and returned with more than they had bargained for.

The photo to the right was taken by Chester Lethorp - part of the original hunting party - and shows what the men claimed to be a massive, bird-like creature with a twelve-foot wingspan and a four-foot long head. It's beak was said to contain "more than it's fair share of sharp teeth" and it's talons were razor sharp.

The bird thing was eating when the men stumbled upon it and they were stunned and shocked into stillness until it turned on them. As if the site of the creature wasn't terrifying enough, the men also claimed that the beast had blazing red eyes. The opened fire and brought the beast down.

After the photo was taken, the men dragged the bird back to their lodgings, packed it in as much ice as they could find, and took to celebration and song with plans to have the bird stuffed and mounted the following day. They say that another bird-thing came in the night and spirited their prize away, leaving only the photo was a testament to what happened during the trip.

Skeptics said that Hathorn planned the whole thing as a lark.

No further sightings were reported.

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