Once a thriving scene of dockside commerce, Greyhaven Port has fallen into disrepair and is scarcely used except for a few lobstermen who cling stubbornly to their trade.

Grehaven Bay (founded 1696) is notorious for its treacherous reefs, unpredictable, crashing waves, and occasional sightings of great white sharks. Trade has all but dried up, as progress has opened the way for safer, more prosperous ports of call upstate.

The marina is constructed of creaking, worm-ridden wood, and is plagued by the cold Atlantic winds day in and day out. A heavy fog hangs over the entire port most of the time, but if one looks hard enough, the peaks of the small, rocky cliffs that line the bay may be seen just above the fogline.

A few old families who made their fortune in better days still live in delapidated mansions in and around Greyport. They have a reputation for aloofness and eccentricity.