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Dinah DuPont - On vacation in France circa 1960

Dinah DuPont was an unstoppable force. What she wanted, she took - plain and simple. The daughter of a well-to-do business owner, DuPont was a free spirit, wise beyond her years and "filled to the top with the spice of life!" (quote - Cecile Chevalier)

When things took a turn for the worse and law school was not what DuPont thought it was going to be, she dropped out completely and moved back in to the family home. She took up taking care of her father - fixing special meals for him and making sure his schedule never got too full. These personal assistant duties suited her and she stayed with them for a full year before her side ventures doing the hair and nails of neighbors and friends gave her an idea. She made a choice to go into cosmetics and moved back to New York City.

DuPont excelled at The New York Beauty Institute - taking the school by storm with her style range. She was able to make both the young and old happy with her choices. She loved what she was able to achieve and loved the admiration.

When she was introduced to Cecile Chevalier, she saw her as another personal project. Someone she could help mold. A pet. That "pet" feeling soon dissipated as DuPont saw that Chevalier was a free spirit as well. Cecile Chevalier and Dinah DuPont became as close as sisters and took NYBI by storm.

After graduating from school, the two moved as a team to a New York stylist and were a very sought after commodity. Chevalier's drinking and mental fatigue started to become an issue, however, so DuPont thought it wise to accept an offer to move to Maundbury and slow down a bit - leaving the fast track for slower, suburban haunts.

The timing was perfect. Chevalier seemed to be at the end of her rope and the offer to be the lead stylists in Jacqueline Stoddard’s salon was ideal.

DuPont and Chevalier were the toast of the town. Young, rich and lovely - the two ladies lived like queens.

Chevalier's health was far better in Maundbury, though she still added to her collection of dolls and was said to speak to them often. Her talking to the dolls was looked at as cute by some and extremely strange by others.

DuPont took great care with her friend and broke several hearts in Maundbury. Comments about the girls sexuality rolled off her like water off a duck's back.

In 1966, DuPont was involved in a small scandal involving a young married man and his wife, but Dinah's father managed to smooth things over with all the parties involved.

Dupont and Chevalier continued to live in a large, four room home on Marklan Street together for years.