Amhearst Terrace "Tendrils"

Amhearst Terrace sits at the bottom most point of Greyhaven Port. The sea beats against it's rocky grayness relentlessly, but can not break down it's strong shoreline. The Terrace has several outcroppings and caverns within the rock face. Within the shallow caves lay "The Tendrils" - strange rock formations that resemble tentacles. Their moist surfaces - mist from the sea - adds to the disturbing feeling viewers ascribe to them.

Amhearst Terrace was the last place anyone safe Rebecca Thompson alive - her torch ablaze and fighting to stay lit in the Port's fierce wind.

Amhearst Terrace was where Captain August K. Ralstade was seen before Le Surf Mortelle swept him out to his final resting place.

People have seen The Tendrils move.

People tend to stay away from Amhearst Terrace.